YG Treasure Box: Worth to Watch?

Hi, Guys! Welcome back to my blog! ^^ So currently, YG Entertainment has released new survival show called YG Treasure Box. If you are YG Stan, you will know that before this, YG made boygroup through survival show like Winner and iKon. Actually, YG ever made survival show called Mixnine that consist so many trainees from so many agencies. But, becuase one thing or many problems, YG decided to cancel the debut of the winner of Mixnine. I don’t really know why because I don’t really follow Mixnine, but I do know that YG’s decision to cancel the winner’s debut became viral, especially to the winners’ agencies. But this time, YG makes the project just for YG’s trainees so we can expect the real debut through this program. So before I talk further, let’s see what YG Treasure Box is! ^^ Then, let’s start!

YG Entertainment made the new project called YG Treasure Box. Unlike Mixnine, this project just consist of YG’s trainees that Yang Hyun Suk (CEO of YG Entertainment) chose. So, it’s not all of YG’s trainees but just some trainees that YG himself valuate and choose to do this project.

YG divide them as 4 teams, Team A, Team B, Team C, and Team J. Team A consists of longest and so talented. Team B consists of trainees that have so short training periode and almost all of them have handsome face. Team C consists of youngest trainees but full of potential. Team J consists of members from Japan. So every team has their own specialities.

In the name of fairness, YG was not choose all of them altogether, but by the team. The best one for every team. For the start, YG chose 5 members of the Treasure (the name of Debut Team), but he changed that. But let’s talk about it after this. At first, he chose just 2 members for every team, but in the end he changed his mind. Actually in the beginning, there was no elimination. They just competed again and again to be in the Treasure (debut line up). But after that, he changed the rule and the elimination started. One by one eliminated and now, it’s just 11 Treasure members. But in the latest preview, YG said that he considered about that so much and gave the chance to add 2 additional members to be in Treasure Debut line up. Even though, the final members of Treasure in the end are 7 members but at least he gave them a chance to be in the debut line up.

Actually, almost all of the YG Treasure Box’s contestant have some experiences in survival show. Like Bang Ye Dam in KPop Star, Lee Byeong Gon, Kim Jun Kyu, Choi Hyun Suk in Mixnine, and so many of them were the contestant of survival show. But they haven’t met the chance to debut. So shame, right?

This survival show has its own cruelty. It’s so hard to see their life. But some of them got harsh comments and they faced the hardships. Like some of them almost made their debut through other survival shows, but they failed and they came back as a trainee. The other one was even taken out from YG but in the end he came back for this project. Another trainees were waiting for YG’s compliment through their performance but never got one despite he did his best. Suddenly, one by one got eliminated. Maybe it was okay to youngest trainees because they have another chance. But for the oldest one, it hurts so much because it was their last chance to debut. Beside that, YG made the long time friends to compete each other. So they made team to challenge the Treasure Team, but they hadn’t been told that the teams were not chosen as challenger will compete each other. So it’s really hard to watch the close friend to compete with.

Honestly, for my opinion because this is YG, of course so many trainees that actually ready to debut. They have high quality of voice and rapping. So it broke my heart to see one by one eliminated because I think they worth something better. So let’s talk about my favorite trainees. I will try not to do spoiler but I don’t know if I can.

The one who I like the most from this survival show is Kim Seung Hun. To be honest, when I watched their introduction and showed their talent for singing and rapping, Kim Seung Hun was the one who made my heart flutters. I even got goosebumps because of his voice. He has high pitch voice and I really love that. After I watched the show, I knew that he has the longest training periode, 9 years. But he never got the compliment from YG even once. YG always said, ‘well it’s reasonable for him to be good because he has such a long periode of training’. Well yeah, but don’t you think that it means he is ready to debut? Readiness for debut is an important factor to make someone debut, don’t you think? (Sorry, I was too excited because of my preferance) Later, he got the compliment (finally) but I won’t tell you in detail.

Kim Seung Hun

The second who I like the most is Kim Jun Kyu. Yeah, he has beautiful face, but I don’t really fall for him because of that. I fall for him because he has such great and unique voice. He was a constestant of Mixnine and he ever got slump because of his effort to debut was failed. But despite of that, he tried again through YG Treasure Box and he did a great job!

Kim Jun Kyu

The third who I like the most is Lee Byeong Gon. He is the oldest one from YG Treasure Box’s contestants. He almost made his debut thorugh Mixnine, but he failed because YG canceled Mixnine’s debut. So he became trainees once again. So he has so many consideration because of his age. He felt like this is his last chance to debut because he is not young anymore, so it pressured him so much. He tried so hard to become Treasure, but he always came back as trainee again after his was in the Treasure. Despite his ups and downs, he never give up and always move forward to debut. Actually, I like him because of his charm. He really has interesting charm that make you can’t ignore him. Don’t forget about his great rapping! I think, he is ready to debut, so I don’t know why YG hasn’t made his debut yet.

Lee Byeong Gon

The fourth one is Park Jeong Woo. He is the youngest from my favorite list. But he has so sweet and soulful voice. He really has high class voice, even though he isn’t a long periode trainee. So I can say that he has so much potential. He was in Treasure team for the first time, but after competition, he got lost and became trainee. After that, he reclaimed his position to become Treasure team again through competition.

Park Jeong Woo

The fifth one is Bang Ye Dam. He has the longest periode of training because he was in Kpop Star and scouted to YG in the end. He has unique voice, a hard worker person, and sooo talented. I can get that he is YG’s favorite based on YG’s comment on him. But I can get why.

Bang Ye Dam

I don’t say that the rest of them are not talented. But that five people are my favorite. I can feel their friendship, their effort to debut, their dream, and their talent. Even though one of them got dropped or failed, almost all of them will cry because they know the hardwork and the effort. For me, when I saw the show, I feel like all of trainees are like family. Maybe because of the survival show concept, I feel that I can relate to them so much. The one that I like from YG Treasure Box is that I can vote for them by watched their Vlive and vote in the YG Treasure Box events. If you asked how to watch this survival show, you can watch by clicking here.

To answer my question in the title, YG Treasure Box is worth to watch. I really recommend you to watch this. The quality of their talent are so great. No wonder, YG is one of the biggest agency in South Korean because they just want the best. I don’t feel like all of YG’s decisions and how he act to trainees were fair enough to all of trainees, but maybe that is the point of this survival show. So the viewers can relate to them and feel empathy for their hardwork.

So this is it! I hope you guys enjoy to read my post. If you have watched the show, please keep voting for them because it’s such a shame if the great talented trainees like them are not getting debut. If you have another favorite or opinion, please comment below! Happy reading!^^


After Wanna One’s Last Day?

Hi, Guys! Welcome back to my post! As I said in the title, today is 31st December 2018. For many people, it’s the last day of 2018. But for Wannable, today is the last day of Wanna One. Honestly, it’s making me sad. Tomorrow, they won’t be Wanna One anymore, even though they still have the last concert on January 2019. But well, their contract is ended on 31st December 2018, so let’s say it’s their last day officially.

Wanna One

Then, the next question is what will they do after Wanna One? Well, so many people know about that but so many rumours too. One thing that I hope, after Wanna One’s disbandment, they will become success because people have acknowledge their talent. So, without further do, I want to explain from the most certain one after Wanna One’s disbandment because their agency has said something about their future!

1. Minhyun

As we know, before Produce 101 Season 2, Minhyun is a member of NU’EST. Pledis Entertainment and JR as leader of NU’EST has said that Minhyun will be back to NU’EST after his activity as Wanna One has ended. In NU’EST last concert, they give video for the fans. That video showed 4 flowers and gradually became 5 flowers. Fans of NU’EST predict that it means Minhyun will be back as NU’EST, so NU’EST W is ended and they become NU’EST again. JR has said that it’s true. Even Baekho said that the production of the song has been done and they just need to wait Minhyun to do recording. NU’EST is predicted to comeback in the first half of 2019. Personally, I think NU’EST won’t comeback in January 2019 because Minhyun still has schedule as Wanna One. For example, in award and their last concert. The biggest possibility, NU’EST will comeback in March 2019. Even though I’m sad that Minhyun is no longer as Wanna One, but in the other side, I really excited to see Minhyun as NU’EST again. So, let’s wait for Minhyun as NU’EST! ^^

2. Ha Sung Woon

At the first, Ha Sung Woon’s future was full of rumours. So many people said that Ha Sung Woon will become a soloist and he won’t be back as HOTSHOT. But in the end, HOTSHOT said that Sungwoon will be back as HOTSHOT’s member. On January 2019, Taehyun will release his first solo album and maybe Hojung will have activity with UNB. In the end, HOTSHOT said that they will comeback as OT6 on June 2019. So I don’t know what will Sungwoon do from February 2019 until June 2019. But I really hope the best for him. So, let’s root Sungwoon as member of HOTSHOT! ^^

3. Lee Daehwi and Park Woojin

As we know, Lee Daehwi, Park Woojin, Im Youngmin, and Kim Donghyun is from Brand New Music and their agency has introduced them as Brand New Boys. Because Lee Daehwi and Park Woojin become Wanna One, Im Youngmin and Kim Donghyun debut as MXM. After Lee Daehwi and Park Woojin will be back to their agency, they will debut with MXM too. The biggest possibility, their group name become Brand New Boys. Even Im Youngmin ever gave a hint that Lee Daehwi and Park Woojin will be in the same group as him after Wanna One’s disbandment. But the agency never give the explanation about when will they debut after Wanna One.

4. Lai Guanlin

Honestly, Lai Guanlin’s future become uncertain because so many rumours about his future. So many news said that Lai Guanlin will become a soloist after Wanna One or he will be out from Cube because he has signed to Chinese agency. But I remember that Cube ever released statement that Lai Guanlin won’t be out from Cube Entertainment and he will be debut in a new boy group with Yoo Seonho too after Wanna One’s disbandment. Personally for me, this news is more believable than others, so yeah I will take that news as the real one. I can’t wait for him to debut as new group with Yoo Seonho too! Hope the best for him! Fighting, Lai Guanlin! ^0^/

5. Park Jihoon

Actually, Park Jihoon after Wanna One has rumours that he will become a soloist. But I remember that Maroo Entertainment has released the poster about Park Jihoon fan meeting on 2019 in several countries. After that, Maroo Entertainment ever said that the agency will release the new boy group consists of Park Jihoon and several trainees that appeared on Mixnine and Produce 101 Season 2. Maybe, after international fan meeting, Park Jihoon will debut as a new group with others trainee of Maroo Entertainment. So I find that this news more reliable and I tend to believe this news. I really hope Park Jihoon will be success as a new group!

6. Yoon Jisung

After Wanna One, Yoon Jisung has so many rumours too. Especially about how he will do military enlistment because Jisung ever said that he got reminder for enlistment. But I remember that Jisung got confirmed that he will played as main character in musical drama and he will have kiss scene part too. So I think, maybe Jisung will debut as actor in musical drama first and after that, he will do military enlistment maybe after June 2019.

7. Bae Jinyoung

Rumours said that Bae Jinyoung will debut as soloist, after Wanna One’s disbandment. But I remember that C9 ever said that they will release new boy group in 2019 and one of them is Bae Jinyoung. So I find this news more reliable, so I will choose to believe that news more instead Bae Jinyoung as a soloist. Why? Because C9 even gave hint about the debut line up, such as members.

8. Ong Seongwoo

Ong Seongwoo has many rumours about he will debut as soloist. But I remember a news that Seongwoo has confirmed to starred a drama in 2019. Considering his agency is Fantagio, I think Ong Seongwoo will debut as an actor first. After that, he can be soloist or maybe in a group like 5urprise (consists of actor and singer group). But, it’s just my prediction. Despite all of that, let’s keep support Ong Seongwoo! ^^

9. Kim Jaehwan

CJ Entertainment as Jaehwan’s agency hasn’t been released a statement yet about his future. But so many rumours said that he will be a soloist. From all of rumours that said members of Wanna One become a soloist, I just believe this one. Because as we know that Jaehwan was not a trainee in CJ Entertainment to begin with. So maybe CJ Entertainment just makes Jaehwan debut as a soloist considering the fact that Jaehwan has high quality voice.

10. Kang Daniel

MMO as Daniel’s agency hasn’t released statement about Kang Daniel’s future after Wanna One. I don’t know why, considering the fact that Kang Daniel is the most famous person in Wanna One. So I’m not really sure about Kang Daniel’s activity after Wanna One. So many rumours said that Kang Daniel will become a soloist, but personally, I don’t think so. Because Kang Daniel is a rapper and dancer, so it will be hard for him to become a soloist. Considering the fact that MMO is subsidiary company of CJ Entertainment, I really hope that Daniel will debut with Kim Jaehwan. But it’s just my expectation. Daniel can be active in variety show too because he was in so many variety shows. But whatever his activity in the future, I really hope the best for Kang Daniel! Fighting, Kang Daniel! ^^/

Basically, I love all the members of Wanna One. So that’s why I really hope the best for all of them. I really hope even though they won’t be Wanna One anymore, but they will be success and walk on the flowery path! Don’t you think so? Let’s always support them! ^^ Thank you for reading my post, I really hope you will enjoy my post. If you hear others news about them, please let me know! Happy reading! ^^

Just Dance – Review

Hi, Guys! Welcome back to my post! Before I said anything, I want to say Merry Christmas for all of you that celebrate Christmas! Wish the best for all of you!

As the title, I want to review about new K-Drama that just ended. What is that? Yup, JUST DANCE! Have you heard about it? Or maybe have you watched it? So here the poster!

Title: Just Dance
Origin: South Korean
Year: 2018
Episode: 16 (35 minutes per episode)
Cast: Park Se Wan, Jang Dong Yoon, Lee Joo Young, Joo Hae Eun,
Shin Do Hyun, Lee Yo Mi, Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Kap Soo)

This drama has 16 episodes and every episode just 35 minutes. So, if you compare it with usual K-Drama, it would just be 8 episodes, right? So short actually. So it worth your time if you want to watch short drama and you don’t really have much time.

But what is this drama about? Maybe so many of you just asked about that. Well, I will review about it and what I like about this drama. Actually, this drama is based on the true story about how the ship industry in Geoje, South Korean is in decline. So many people that lost their job and it pressure them more and more. People lost their hope to achieve their dream and just want to work so they can live.

This drama tells us about six girls live in Geoje with their own hardship to live with their financial issues and their family. They join the club named Dance Sport and they achieve to become the great dancers. Even though their life is much harder because of that. As we know that dance sport is seen as just a hobby that didn’t make the money. Because of that, so many people just underestimate their club. They tried hard enough to stay, dance, and exist, but of course the life is never easy.

This drama tells us about the hardship, about reality of life. This drama tells us about the friendship, about love, about family, and about choices that we can make. Actually for me, this drama is meaningful. I cried several times, because I can relate about it soooo much! Main characters of this drama are that six girls plus one boy. Why is it just one? Well, the man who dance not seen as a man. So many people underestimate and insult the man who dances. But this one boy, he likes to dance. The first time, he is shy to admit it. But in the end he doesn’t care and keep dancing because he likes it.

So we can say that this drama tells us about fight within ourselves too. That’s why I said this is so relateable with our life. This drama never tell the story about the rich one and the poor one. But almost everyone is in the same condition of economy (except the boy) and they need to choose what is the best for their life despite so many obstacles within them.

Even though the main characters of this drama are six girls and one boy, but I think it mainly tell us the story about one girl and her love story to the boy. Who are they? They are casted by Park Se Wan and Jang Dong Yoon. Here they are!

If you feel familiar with them, well of course because they played together in School 2017. I reviewed about School 2017 too and you can read about it here. Before, they played as friends and this time they play as lovers. But of course their story is not easy.

I don’t feel too familiar with the rest of the casts, except the senior actors and actresses, Shin Do Hyun, and Kim Soo Hyun. I feel familiar with Shin Do Hyun because I watch a web drama titled First Kiss and she is the main character there and Kim Soo Hyun is the main character from A-Teen, a web drama too and she is contestant of Produce 101 Season 1 and Mix Nine. Here they are!

Actually, I reviewed about their web-drama here. So if you interested with them, you can watch their other dramas too. As we see their acting, we don’t have to worry about their acting skill because their skills are great enough.

But how about the story? As I said before, this drama is relatable with our real life and the struggle they showed through this drama is real. Honestly, I really like the story, because even though it’s not always sweet and full of their hardship and struggle to be adults, but the story is easy to understand and the story isn’t full of tears. But they always find a small happiness within their friendship, love, and family. We can learn so many things about life through this drama.

For me, I really like the drama and I really recommend you to watch it! So if you like the story about family, friendship, and life, you might like this drama. The fact that this drama has 16 episodes and each of them is 35 minutes, makes the one who doesn’t really have time can watch it without worry.

So here it is! If you have watched it, I really like you to share about your review below! Hope you guys like this review! I won’t tell you that much because I don’t want to make spoiler. Don’t forget to follow and share my post! Happy reading! ^^

5 Favorites Title Songs in November

Hi, Guys! Welcome back to my post! Because we start the December, so I want to share you about my 5 favorites title songs that released on November. So you should hear all of these songs because it’s soooo good. I really recommend all of these title songs for you!

What are they? So, let’s check it out! As always, let’s start from number 5!

5. NU’EST W – Help Me
Actually, this is the last album for NU’EST W as a sub unit. After this, NU’EST W will become NU’EST because Minhyun will be back to NU’EST after promotion with Wanna One. This song has a R&B vibe and slightly I feel J-Pop style in this song. Ren is like anime too for me. So if you want to read more about my opinion of this song, you can read it here. But regardless about my opinion, I should admit that this is still a great song. So yeah, I really recommend you to hear this song!


Maybe you wonder why I pick this song as number 5, but the reason why, because it isn’t really ringing in my head. So, how about your opinion? Please share below! ^^

4. MXM – Knock Knock (TAK Remix)
I know that MXM doesn’t have that many fans compare to the other groups. But I must admit that they are soooo talented. But what I like the most about this song is Donghyun and Youngmin are exchanged their part. So Donghyun is rapping and Youngmin is singing. Are you curious to hear that? Because it just proves that they are so talented. So I really hope after Daehwi and Woojin are back to their agency, they will be more famous. Have you watched the MV? I think the MV is great because it contains so many symbol that you need to think about. For me, the song is great and catchy too. It keeps ringing in my head especially the knock, knock part. Curious, right? So let’s watch it!


3. EXO – Tempo
This time, I want to talk about the hottest boy group, EXO! So if I ask you, who can refuse their charm? No one! So yeah, their comeback in early November become my favorite too. The song is kinda different with their previous comeback but you can still hear EXO’s style too! The rap parts are sooo great! The song is catchy, their harmonize is great too. So different with their songs before, but I think I like this song the best from EXO. The beat is fast and then slow and then fast again. And I like how they make us feel that. Love this song! Have you heard about it? Then, let’s watch the MV! ^^

EXO – Tempo

How about you? How do you think about their comeback this time? Please let me know!

2. Wanna One – Spring Breeze
Actually, I posted this song in my blog too. So if you want to read about my opinion about this song completely, you should watch it here. As we know that Wanna One is gonna be disbanded on 31th December 2018, so this song is their last album. Don’t you feel sad about that? I like them so much as group and I really want them to continue Wanna One. But I like Minhyun in NU’EST too. Confusing, right? If only they can be in 2 groups. This song is kinda sad but you can hear that they are thankful as Wanna One. The MV shows us about their friendship in the dorm and as a group. Makes me sad (even though I feel sad more when I watched JBJ’s last MV). The dance is hard and it reminds me of their struggling in the past. Even Jaehwan and Guanlin who couldn’t dance in Produce 101, can overcome all of that. So you should hear this song and watch the MV. Here we go!

Wanna One – Spring Breeze

1. HOTSHOT – I Hate You
I know that many people will be shocked to see why I choose Hotshot as my favorite. I don’t think I like Hotshot more that Wanna One. But I really want them to be acknowledge, especially with their talents. The reason why I choose this song as my number one is because this is the only song that I can hear without feel sick of it. Even though it’s almost 1 month after the song released, I still hear it almost every day because I like this song so much. The song is kinda slow and dark, but that’s what I like. If you want to read about my honest review, you can read it here. The song is great, Taehyun’s voice is beautiful, Junhyuk’s high note is so memorable. The performance is great too with their choreography and all. As a conclusion, I just can say that I love this song sooooo much! It’s such a shame that so many people don’t recognise their talent. So maybe so many of you that didn’t hear this song before, so let’s hear it!

HOTSHOT – I Hate You

So what is your favorite part of this MV? For me, when Hojung dance with the woman and when Junhyuk see them danced. I’m melting, like for real. But of course it’s my preference. So how about you? Please comment your opinion below!

This is about my opinion! Do you like my recommendation? Or maybe you have other recommendations? You can share it with me below. Or maybe you have different rank? Please share about that too. Hopefully you like my post and please keep support all of them. Please keep streaming their MV! Happy reading and happy watching!

NU’EST W Last Comeback!

Hey, Guys! Welcome back to my post! Do you feel like you read ‘last comeback’ too much? Because I feel that this year have many last comeback actually. Too much separation, too many groups that disbanded. As we know, that NU’EST W is a unit group that waiting for Minhyun to be back as NU’EST. So yeah, of course this unit is temporary too. The difference, once this year is over, NU’EST W will become NU’EST and will be a complete group with Minhyun. As a gift for the fans, NU’EST W presented the last comeback titled Help Me in the WAKE,N album. So, here we go!

But before I review about their song, have you watched the MV yet? If you haven’t then, let’s watch it first below!

After watched it, how about your opinion? For me, honestly (don’t judge, it’s just what I like) I like Dejavu more. The opening for this MV is morse code and then they asked for help. I like it, but when the song is played and one by one appeared, I must say that I like Dejavu era more. Why? Well, let’s see.

I must admit that this MV is related from the previous songs and I must admit that Baekho and Bumzu are such a genius if they can make songs that relate to each other. The concept is fantasy and it’s great, especially when one by one member got one shot in the broken mirror. Great! But doesn’t the concept remind you of anime? Or is it just me? For me, the concept looks like anime especially the beginning until the middle of MV.

Baekho really looks like a knight and JR looks soooo handsome and cool. I really like his hair colour by the way. Aron looks handsome too (of course), but when he wears the black suit, I don’t really like his hair style. But again, this is my preferance. He looks so much better when he first appears in the MV. And then, Ren. Ren looks like a prince from the anime. Really. The baby purple hair colour and his hair style looks like anime character. But when I first saw Ren, he just reminds me of Cloud, the characters from Final Fantasy VII. Is it just me? So his style just reminds me of his old style before Produce 101 Season 2 and I don’t really like this kind of style. So…. yeah, I don’t really like Ren here.

The song is different from Dejavu and Where You At. I don’t know if it’s because of the concept that reminds me of anime or Ren’s style like Final Fantasy VII (just my opinion) or it’s really the song. But when the first time I listened to the song, I felt a little bit of J-POP style even though I lost that feeling in the middle of the song. But please share about your opinion of this song. The one that I like from this song is JR’s powerful singing and I suddenly fall in love with him again. So yeah, it becomes my favorite part.

In the end of the song, I hear footsteps and after that the door is opened. That time, suddenly it hits me. Is it to symbolize that Minhyun is back to NU’EST? And when all of NU’EST W’s members looked at the door, I really thought that they are waiting for Minhyun to be back. So yeah, I’m kinda touched because I miss NU’EST as 5 members. Even though I’m touched of that scene, I must say that I like Dejavu era more. So my expectation for this comeback is higher. That’s why I’m dissapointed a little bit because I like the previous comeback more.

After titled song, let’s see about other songs in WAKE,N’s album. Despite of Help Me and L.I.E, this album is full of members’ solo. If Help Me and L.I.E express about waking up from sleep, then solo tracks express about the feelings that coming alive. The solo tracks are Wi-Fi as Aron Solo, I Hate You as JR solo, Feels as Baekho solo, Me, To You as Ren solo. The surprise from this album is Baekho’s rap in his solo! Loveee it!

As conclusion, I don’t say that this comeback is bad or anything like that. The comeback is great. But honestly when I heard about Dejavu from the first time, it kept ringing in my ear. But for Help Me, I don’t feel the same way. If I don’t listen it again and again, I will forget about the song. Maybe it’s just my preference, but for me, I like Dejavu and Where You At era more (if I compare the NU’EST W albums). But I don’t think so many people will agree with me, because when I saw the sales of this album, for the 1st day, it break the previous album. Maybe, people like this comeback more?

Well, this is just my honest opinion. I think this comeback is great, but I like previous comeback more. So if you like this comeback more, don’t need to feel angry because maybe our preference is different. So don’t forget to keep watching the MV and keep streaming too. Please keep supporting NU’EST W now and in the future too. Maybe you can comment below whether you agree about my opinion or not. Happy reading! ^^

Power of Destiny – Wanna One’s Comeback!

Hi, Guys! Welcome back to my post! So as we know that today is the day of Wanna One’s comeback!!!! Yeyyyy! The album title is Power of Destiny and honestly, it’s kinda sad don’t you think? The concept is separation. Yeah, of course because this is their last comeback as Wanna One. After 31th December 2018, they will be back to their agency. Minhyun will be back to NU’EST, Sungwoon will be back to HOTSHOT, Guanlin will be debuted under Cube Entertainment with Seonho, while Daehwi and Woojin will be debuted with MXM’s members. So yeah, this is their last comeback. Actually, I don’t really want this comeback. Why? Because it means their disband will be coming soon. Don’t get me wrong. I like Minhyun as NU’EST, Sungwoon as HOTSHOT, etc. But I just want them to have 2 groups. Can’t I? T____T

Okay, forget about my imagination. If JBJ that consists 6 agencies couldn’t make it, how about Wanna One that consists 9 agencies? Yeah, in my dream. Well, I know that there is a rumour about some of them will become Wanna One’s unit. But I don’t want to get false hope. Maybe I will talk about it when the rumour get the official statement. So this time I just want to review about Wanna One’s last comeback and this time, I won’t review about just the titled song, but the whole album. So, let’s get it!

The titled song of this comeback is Spring Breeze. Have you watched the Music Video? If you haven’t watched it, you can click the MV below!

In just 3 hours, the viewers on this MV reached 1,7 million views. Wow! But actually the song is kinda sad. The MV shows their closeness, but I think it’s kinda sad because we know this is their last comeback as Wanna One. So, what are your favorite parts on this MV? Please share below! My favorite parts in this MV are:

  1. When Minhyun just drops the ring in the beginning. It felt so sad at least for me
  2. When Jaehwan in the center, he danced and sang. Oh my… It’s so great! Because as we know his voice quality is sooo great and I feel that his dance is getting better and better. Love him so much!
  3. When Guanlin feed Potato Chips to Minhyun but fool him. Their bromance is so sweet and I feel like I will miss their bromance in the future.
  4. When Woojin did solo dance and dance in the center. His dance is the best! No further question right?
  5. When all of Wanna One’s members just gather together in a room, talk and joking around with each other. I want to cry. T____T

So those are my favorite parts in Spring Breeze MV. Actually, it doesn’t look that sad as I expected. Maybe because I expect something like Just Be Stars or Call Your Name – JBJ. But I DO hope Swing Entertainment will release one more MV as a gift to Wannables.

But when I see more, the MV shows us how all of Wanna One’s members just close to each other and how about they are joking around while they can. So yeah, I become so sad because of that. I think, after Wanna One is disbanded, I will miss their bromance soooo much!

Are you curious about their lyrics? Actually, the lyrics is so sad. So don’t cry after read the lyrics, okay? I will copy the lyrics in English so all of us can understand it well. Here it is!

Meeting you, we become a miracle
All seems like just a dream (even when I close my eyes)
It looks so clear “I couldn’t do better, I keep having regrets”
That’s not what I’m thinking I always want to be with you
When you see the light after passing a long tunnel
The warm memories that we can feel together
Always be my side making me shine (making me)
Those smile those tears oh
The voice that called me will always linger in my ears, right
Even I will miss when our eyes meet
The first exciting feeling of this love clearly remains
We will meet again when the spring breeze has passed by
I will smile brightly when the spring breeze has passed by
We will meet again when the spring breeze has passed by
I will hug you once again when the spring breeze has passed by
When it has passed by
I’m sorry
I’m sorry that it seems I’m only always receiving
Thank you (Thank you) for being beautiful
You who fully filled my empty heart
Your hand reaching out to the tired me
You are the only one who makes me breath
Now it’s birthday everyday I’m freshly new born
Always be my side making me shine (making me)
Those smile those tears
Your image that has become familiar to me,
Maybe it will change, right
The memories we’ve faced, just the way they are
The first exciting feeling of this love clearly remains …

(Credit by: https://lyricskpop.net/lyrics/wanna-one-spring-breeze-english-translation/)

So sad, right? See what I mean? I don’t want they are disbanded… How sad it is! So who got the sad lyrics to sing? I know some of you will ask about their line distribution. So here, I will give it to you the line distribution!

So, Daniel get first (as expected), the 2nd is Jaehwan, and the 3rd is Sungwoon. Do you think it’s fair? I think it’s the fairest Wanna One’s line distribution because when I saw the previous songs, there are some of unfair line distribution. This time, at least everybody almost got the same and I think it’s kinda fair because Daniel is the center so of course he should get the most parts.

This album consists of 11 songs, but one of the song titled 12번째 별 or 12th Star just released for CD only. Have you heard all of it? What about your favorite songs? My favorites are (of course) Spring Breeze, Flowerbomb, Tagger or 술래, Pine Tree or 소나무, and of course Beautiful Part 2. I really like Beautiful before, but this arranged song become sad more than before. Oh, fun fact about Flowerbomb. Actually, Flowerbomb is composed by Sungwoon! How talented he is! I really like the song and actually the song is kinda sad too.

So, this is it! I know that this post is short compared to my previous post about Wanna One’s comeback. But this time I just feel so sad to see their last comeback so I just can’t wait to share it to you. I really hope that we can give the best for Wanna One considering this is their last. I really hope this time, they won’t have issues about anything. This is their last after all. Maybe in the future, I will write about Wanna One again when their time is up.

So please watch their MV and repeat their MV over and over again. Please keep supporting Wanna One. Please listen to the whole album because the songs are great! Actually all of them are great! So, happy listening and happy reading!

HOTSHOT’S Comeback

Hi, Guys! Welcome back to my post! So this time, I will tell you about HOTSHOT’s comeback lately. Honestly, I mentioned that HOTSHOT has comeback in my previous post (you can read it here), but I didn’t have time to write this post… So yeah, finally I post about their latest comeback!

Honestly, I feel soooo excited about their comeback because I waited for sooo long.I didn’t even know the group named HOTSHOT before. But when I watched Produce 101 Season 2, I just paid attention to Sungwoon and Taehyun. Espescially, after Sungwoon becomes member of Wanna One and Taehyun became member of JBJ. I appreciate their talents soooo much and I feel that they really deserve much better! After that, I watched The Unit (rebooting idol program) and I just paid attention to Timoteo and Hojung. Of course because of their talents! In the end, Timoteo got eliminated even though he always got the 1st place before and Hojung just got 3rd and he can debut in UNB. After Hojung becomes member of UNB, I just feel disappointed because Hojung was too quiet and he got least part between the members. I feel that Hojung deserves much more. Can you understand my feeling? T___T

So, because I think that someone made the best resume of HOTSHOT’s career, I don’t want to steal her works so I just insert her video here! If you are curious about HOTSHOT, you can watch the video below. It has the most of their history and their story. So I really recommend you to watch this video (and finally I can insert video here!)

Have you watched it? Then next. About HOTSHOT’s comeback! On 15th November 2018, finally HOTSHOT makes their comeback titled ‘I Hate You’. Honestly, I don’t like their comeback. I really LOVE their comeback! For me, it’s the best comeback so far from HOTSHOT!  Unfortunately, Sungwoon is still promoting in Wanna One, so he can’t promote HOTSHOT’s comeback. I hope Sungwoon can have 2 groups (Wanna One and HOTSHOT). Actually, I insert their MV in the right side of this blog, but I think I just insert the MV below just in case you don’t find it. Soooo, please listen to it!

Have you watched it? How about your opinion? I *freaking* LOVE this comeback! HOTSHOT is trying the new genre for their title song of their comeback. It’s kind of ballad song and even their stage performance is aweeesomeee! Honestly, I like HOTSHOT before, but right now, I really love them! You know what? Fun fact for you, guys! This title song is composed, produced, and arranged by….. JUNHYUK, the leader of HOTSHOT. Can you believe that there’s a group consists of full talented member but didn’t get known from people? Yeah, that’s HOTSHOT because as I said before and mentioned in the previous video, almost all of HOTSHOT’s members can produce, arrange, and compose their own song. So, that’s why I’m included HOTSHOT in my post before about underrated idols.

Honestly, this song is kinda slow and dark. But I really love the song. Junhyuk hit the high note so well. The scene when Hojung danced to the woman, makes my heart stopped for a second because I saw his eyes. Oh my… I’m dying. When Junhyuk just saw Hojung and the woman danced, I just felt mixed emotion in his smile and I just LOVE him at that moment. When you see the stage performance, I just fall in love with HOTSHOT again and again. Their choreography is made soooo well. Do you want to see it? Should I just insert the video below? Well, I don’t pay anyway, so here it is!

They were singing live for their first comeback stage! How can I not love them then? See the stage performance? Now, you know why I love it right? So, how about your opinion? I really love them, but as you can see, their views in Youtube are so low. Can you make it higher? So, please watch their MV so many times. If needed, you can just make that MV repeat again and again. Hahaha.

Who has listened to the whole album? What are your favorite songs in the album? For me, I really like I Hate You and Paradise! But in the end, based on my opinion, all of their songs in the album are so great! So I really love to listen the album! How about you? Please share your thoughts below! ^^

So this is my opinion and how about you? Hope you guys like my opinion here and please keep supporting HOTSHOT, okay? I know that this is such a short post, but I just feel excited to write this and I hope you feel excited too for this comeback. Happy reading and happy watching! ^^

My 5 Favorite (Underrated) Idols

Hi, guys! Welcome back to my post! So, for this time, I want to share about my 5 favorite idols that underrated either in International or in South Korean or maybe both of them. As we know that South Korean has so many trainees and a few of them that got debut. But, that doesn’t mean if their life will be okay after debut. No, of course it’s not like that. They still face the hardship for their career because they have so many rivals to be successful. For example, NU’EST. NU’EST was considered as a failed idol in the past even though they have great talents. So this is why NU’EST was an underrated idols in the past. But after their hardship and their strategy in Produce 101 Season 2, they are starting to be famous and successful. But it’s not the case for the rest of them. So many idols that debut, face so many hardships but they still can’t be successful.

Sometimes, it’s hard for me to see such a great talents, but I don’t know why they can’t get recognation despite their hard work and skills. Such a shame, don’t you think? So, that’s why I choose to post something about this. I really hope, they become more famous and get appropriate recognition from public. Even if I know that South Korean has soooo many underrated idols, finally I can choose 5 of them that I like sooo much and I really hope and support them to reach their dreams and they can walk on the flowery path. I know that there are so many great idols beside this 5 idols, but in the end I should say that 5 of them are my favorite. So, as always, let’s start from number 5!

5. Uni.T


As we know that this group has been disbanded and they has released their last comeback and I ever post about that here. Actually, Uni.T formed based on winners of the survival show The Unit. The Unit was aiming to rebooting idols that underrated. I mentioned about The Unit too on my post here. So, the winner from girl side become Uni.T and from the man side become UNB. But I won’t explain about that here.

This group is consist by 9 members that has been debuted from more than 3 years but didn’t success or forgotten by people. So, this is a quick profile from the members:

1. Woohee (Member of Dal Shabet)


She is the leader of Uni.T and member of Dal Shabet. She participated as The Unit’s contestant because we know that Dal Shabet didn’t do that great. She has the position as main rapper, main dancer, and lead vocalist in Uni.T. Such a multi-talented person, right?

2. Jiwon (former member of SPICA)


When the first time Jiwon appeared in The Unit, she showed that she has great and stable voice. I think that’s why Jiwon had stable ranking in The Unit. From the start, she always ranked in the debut line up. Actually, Jiwon is a former member of Five Girls (consists of G.Na, Uee – former member of After School, Yubin – former member of Wonder Girls, and Hyosung – former member of Secret) but the group got disbanded because of financial issues. After that, she was in the pre debut line up of T-ara, but in the end she parted her ways from the group. In the end, she debuted with SPICA but in the end SPICA got disbanded too. It’s such a shame actually, because SPICA was considered as a famous group in the past. But because of SPICA’s disbandment, Jiwon became forgetten by people even though she has great voice.

3. Yoonjo (former member of Hello Venus)


Yoonjo is a former member of Hello Venus. Actually, Hello Venus was considered as popular group too in the past. But after they got disbanded, the former members become forgotten by people especially Yoonjo because she has nowhere to go. She has position as a vocalist in Uni.T. She is a great vocalist and she is in Pledis Entertainment (the same agency as NU’EST and Seventeen).

4. ZN (member of LABOUM)


Beside a member of Uni.T, ZN is a member of Laboum too. But Laboum didn’t do well on the entertainment industry so that was why, ZN chose to join The Unit. After Uni.T, we can say that Laboum condition is doing better than before. But I should say that they are still an underrated group too.

5. N.CA (soloist)


N.CA is a soloist in South Korean. But her career wasn’t well enough for her to be recognized by people even though she has the great and strong voice. She also has the wide range vocal, so that’s why she is one of a great vocalist in South Korean. That was why she decided to join The Unit and in the end she won and debuted as Uni.T. Actually, I like her voice so much so it’s such a shame that people didn’t really pay attention to her talent and skills.

6. Euijin (member of SONAMOO)


To be honest, Euijin is my favorite in Uni.T because I saw her great dancing skills in The Unit. She is one of the best dancer and I really like how she danced too. After Uni.T disbanded, she continue her career with her original group, Sonamoo. Sonamoo is still an underrated group actually, but I really hope the best for them because I know that their skills are great enough to be famous. Honestly, even people recognize her talent because she is the winner of The Unit (1st place) and become Center of Uni.T. So I wonder why she is still an underrated idol.

7. Yebin (member of DIA)


Beside Uni.T, Yebin is a member of DIA. Honestly, DIA didn’t do that great after debut. So that was why Jung Chae Yeon participated in Produce 101 Season 1. After that, Chae Yeon become famous, but it was not the same with DIA as a group. So, Yebin decided to participated in The Unit so DIA become recognized by people. After Yebin become the member of Uni.T, finally people recognize DIA and slowly, DIA has a stable position. For the first time since they debuted, finally DIA can get the first win on The Show (SBS). So, we can say finally DIA got place in South Korean. Yebin is a great dancer too, you can see on Weekly Idol when DIA and Uni.T became the guests and Yebin did the double mission because she is a member of DIA and Uni.T. When Roller Coaster Dance and 2x speed Dance, we can see how Yebin nailed it despited her fatigue because she danced 4 times in the different group because of that.

8. Hyunjoo (former member of APRIL)


What do you think when you see her? Cute, right? She is not only cute, but beautiful too I think. She is a former member of APRIL. She is removed from APRIL because of her health issue which is unfair for her. That was why she participated in The Unit because she wanted the 2nd chance for her to be debuted as an idol. She was in charge of cuteness in Uni.T.

9. Lee Suji (former member of The Ark and Real Girls Project)


She is a former member of The Ark. After The Ark got disbanded, she become actress but her passion is on the stage. So that was why she decided to join The Unit, to find the 2nd chance for her to perform on the stage again. Actually, she was in The Unit with Euna Kim, the former member of The Ark too and Euna Kim was always in the debut line up from the start. But in the end, Euna Kim didn’t win but Lee Suji got rank 9, so she can debut as Uni.T.

After anything that they were going through, I can say that it was never easy for them to become idol. But they didn’t give up and still tried so hard to achieve their dreams. So, it’s kinda sad to see that Uni.T didn’t get the expectation as a group from survival show despite their great talents. They were an underrated idol, so I think that’s why Uni.T disbanded after released just 2 albums for their career. As a proof, we can see their views on Youtube.


After 5 months (as of November 2018), Uni.T’s view on Youtube just 2,2 million views. If we compare to the other groups, for 5 months and the view just 2,2 million, it’s not considered as a great view. So this is a proof that they were an underrated group.


4. N. Flying


N.Flying is a band under FNC Entertainment. Such a big company, right? But are they success enough? Well… Not really. They are really underrated band even tough they have been debuted since 2013 and under such a big company. All of them are good looking and have their own talent, they have great songs too. So that’s why I wonder why they are an underrated group when they have great skills. Let’s see their short profile.

1. Seunghyub


Seunghyub is a leader of N.Flying. Honestly, I like his rap more than his singing. He is really cool when he raps. In the past, he was the vocalist for this band. But, after Hweeseung joins N.Flying, he become focused more on his rap. I think, his rap’s skill can make it to Show Me The Money. So that’s why I wonder why he is an underrated even though his skill is so great. He is good looking too, right? And don’t forget the fact that he was starring in some of web dramas too. So multi talented.

2. Kwangjin


Kwangjin is a bassist for N.Flying. Do you remember his face? Because he is a former member of CN Blue too. Before he debut in N.Flying, he debuted in CN Blue as a bassist. But in the end, he left CN Blue and Jung Shin changes his position as a bassist until now. He ever said that he has different style with CN Blue, so that was why he left CN Blue. After he debut with N.Flying, I think it suits his style more than CN Blue. Oh, fun fact about him. He is a 10 years trainee before he debuted with N.Flying. So, yeah. He really has the great skill. He is the most popular member too in N.Flying. Maybe, because he debuted first before the other members.

3. Hun


Hun is a guitarist for N.Flying and he has a great skill as a guitarist. To be honest, he has handsome face too, right? So that’s why he has so many fans among female idols. Wow… People always see that guitarist has a cool image and I think that you can expect that from Hun, because he has serious personality and hate to do aegyo. So yeah, he should be popular enough right?

4. Jaehyun


Jaehyun is a drummer for N.Flying. Before his debut with N.Flying, he almost become a member of CN Blue. I remember when I saw Youtube and Kang Minhyuk CN Blue ever said that he was in a slump and he almost got changed as CN Blue’s drummer. I think at that time, he referred to Jaehyun (I know that, because I like Kang Minhyuk soooo much). In the end, he debut with N.Flying as a drummer after 9 years of training. Amazing, right? His drumming skill is so good. When you see on N.Flying’s Vlive, you can see that he has funny personality and kind of mood maker between the members. That’s why I really want N.Flying get enough recognition. Fun fact about him, he is Rainbow’s Jaekyung younger brother!

5. Hweeseung


Hweeseung is main vocalist of N.Flying and the last member to join! I love his voice soooo much because his voice is soo amazing! But, do you recognize his face? Yup, he was a contestant of Produce 101 Season 2. After he got eliminated, FNC introduced him as a new member of N.Flying in 2017. So, his debut is with N.Flying. Like I said before, he is such a great vocalist. If you don’t believe me, you can watch King of Masked Singer ep 147 and 148, so you can hear his voice’s quality. He has collaboration with Lee Hong Ki (FT Island) titled ‘Still Love You’ and he nailed 5 oktaves in that song. Are you curious? You can watch it here. After that, he has his solo titled ‘Expectation’ and of course he nailed the high note beautifully. You can watch it here. I just love his voice so much. Such a shame he got eliminated in Produce 101 Season 2 so fast when he has such a wonderful voice and wide range vocal. Even though he has beautiful smile, I wonder why he doesn’t that success because he deserves more than that.

So this is it about N. Flying. I’m always asking to myself why they can’t be successful enough even though they have such a great skills and talents. They have handsome face and beautiful smile too. So why?


As we can see here, when Hweeseung debuted with N.Flying for the first time which is a year ago, the Youtube’s view just 2,5 million views. Considering the MV is 1 year old, the views are not that great. Yeah, it surpasses a million, but when you compare it to other band, N.Flying is really an underrated group. Ah, for your information, N.Flying just comeback with ‘Like A Flower’. So, please watch their comeback so they can get great views in Youtube because it has been 2 weeks since the song released when I write this post, but their MV’s views are still 243K (so sad, right? T__T). You can watch their new comeback here. And please click the like button too! I hope the best for them! N.Flying hwaiting!!!


3. UNB


UNB is created through the winner of The Unit Survival Show. If Uni.T is the winner from the girl side, then UNB is the winner from boy side. So we can say that UNB is like a brother group from Uni.T. But I think the popularity of UNB is better than Uni.T. Honestly speaking, actually UNB consists of dancer and rapper. So that was why, when the first time UNB debut, UNB got so many critisim. Netizen said that they can’t do anything as idol, because they just know how to dance and rap. But in the end, they proved to people that they are more than that. They can sing and of course their dance is the best. I think, this group has one of the best choreography besides other groups. So, let’s see the members short profile!

1. Feeldog (member of BIGSTAR)


Feeldog is the leader of UNB and member of BIGSTAR. Just for your information, BIGSTAR is under Brave Entertainment, but even though they are under Brave Entertainment, but they didn’t have enough popularity. That was why Feeldog decided to join The Unit. He is one of the best dancer in The Unit and UNB. I really like his dance and it’s such a shame that he doesn’t get the popularity he deserves. He is a songwriter too. So, can you imagine his talent? He is so talented and good looking too. So why can’t he get the attention? After UNB promotion, I think he just focus on art. You can see that through his instagram, because he posted about it a lot. I don’t know why he doesn’t do comeback with BIGSTAR.

2. Euijin (member of BIGFLO)

images (1)

Eujin is one of the best dancer too in The Unit along with Feeldog. His speciality is popping. So that’s why I’m so happy that Euijin and Feeldog in the same group. When they just dance together, I get the goosebumps because of their great dance. They can adjust their dance for each other. Their talents are so great. If you want to see his great skill of dancing, you can see The Dance War in 1TheK channel in Youtube or you can click here. He is one of the contestant in The Dance War along with other idols too. I really recommend that show. To be honest, I really like his smile. For me, he has beautiful smile but how about you? Do you like him too? When UNB was in promotion with Black Heart, he did comeback with BIGFLO and I really like his dance and the song. Actually, Euijin position in BIGFLO is rapper, but beacuse UNB is lack of vocalist, in the end Euijin become the vocalist in UNB. So it shows Euijin’s talent, right? He can dance, he can rap, and he can sing. So, I wonder why BIGFLO become underrated idol too, because they are so great. You can watch BIGFLO’s comeback here. Even after Euijin debut with UNB, BIGFLO still become underrated idol and I can’t understand why. The moment I write this post, their MV’s views are just 1 million after 2 months. So why???

3. Daewon (former member of Madtown)


Daewon is a former member of Madtown. In The Unit, Daewon confirmed that Madtown has been disbanded after Madtown’s contract was sold to GNI Entertainment. So in the end, Daewon doesn’t have any groups beside UNB. Daewon is a great dancer too. He can do acrobatic dance too and he is a songwriter too. Honestly speaking, he is a complete package. He can sing, he can dance, and he can compose the music too. Almost all of songs in UNB’s album are written by Daewon. So can you imagine how lucky UNB to have him. That’s why I wonder why he doesn’t get enough popularity despite his great talent.

4. Marco (member of Hot Young Blood – HBY)


Marco is a member of Hot Young Blood or maybe people more familiar with HBY. He is debuted in 2017 as HBY but the debut didn’t success as expected. So that was why Marco decided to join The Unit. He is a great rapper and has the great skills in entertainment industry. His dream actually to become the comedian, but he failed on audition. If you pay attention to UNB, you can see that Marco is one of the UNB’s mood maker. He is so bright and funny. He is famous for his 3 level smiling. So funny to see him. After UNB’s promotion with Black Heart got ended, I don’t know why he doesn’t do comeback with his group. But I hope the best for him.

5. Hojung (member of HOTSHOT)


Hojung is a member of HOTSHOT too and he has unique voice when he is singing. Actually, I will explain about him in the section of HOTSHOT, because HOTSHOT is one of my favorite too. So maybe, after this I will explain more about him. Let’s stay tune! But a quick explanation for UNB, he joins UNB with Timoteo (member of HOTSHOT too) and they received super boots. So that means if people recognize their talent too. So why does he become underrated idol? It’s a mystery too for me. The one that I regretted the most is Hojung always keeps silent in UNB. He doesn’t talk much and he doesn’t show his speciality much even though he always follows all of UNB’s schedule. He has so little parts in UNB considering the other members. So sad to me actually. I hope he stands out more wherever he is.

6. Hansol (member of NewKidd)


Before Hansol debuted with NewKidd, Hansol was introduced as SM Rookies. So yeah, Hansol is former trainee of SM Entertainment. No wonder he is so handsome, right? He is a great dancer and almost debuted as NCT too. But in the end, he left SM Entertainment and debut as NewKidd. Maybe because he has the same fate as Timoteo (member of HOTSHOT) so he becomes close to Timoteo. You can see their friendship during The Unit. But I will explain about Timoteo later. So, when Hansol promoted with UNB for Black Heart, Hansol got injury because of their tight choreography. After that, he did comeback as NewKidd for Shooting Star. But even though people have familiar with him, it doesn’t mean his comeback will be a hit. Otherwise, NewKidd comeback was not successful. The moment I write about this post, their MV just hit for 195K views, even though their MV has been released for 3 months? Are you curious about their MV? Well, let’s see here. So, he has handsome face, he has great skill in dancing, he has been introduced as SM Rookies too. So why can’t he become a hit? I don’t even know why. But I feel so sad of him. He deserves much better.

7. Jun (member of U-Kiss)


Honestly, U-Kiss is a senior idol group, because U-Kiss is debuted in 2008. U-Kiss was a successful idol group too. But in U-Kiss career has so many member changes and Jun is the last one to join. It didn’t need a long time after Jun joined U-Kiss, then U-Kiss got hiatus. So that was why he decided to participate in The Unit, even though he is the most popular person in The Unit, because he becomes an actor too. When Jun is debuted in UNB, Jun still participated in a drama too. No wonder he become the winner of The Unit and become center of UNB. When UNB was promoting Black Heart, Jun did the comeback with U-Kiss in Japan and did Live Tour too. So that was why, Jun couldn’t participate in all of UNB’s schedule during Black Heart promotion. But honestly speaking, after U-Kiss hardships, the reaction is not that great. So it’s kind of shame for U-Kiss because they have long career but can’t maintain the popularity. Hope the best for U-Kiss too! Actually, Jun is a rapper and dancer too like Euijin. But because UNB is lack of vocalist, in the end Jun become a vocalist in UNB. So it proves his skills and talents right? He really deserves better, don’t you think?

8. Chan (member of A.C.E)


Chan is a member of A.C.E. After A.C.E made the official debut, A.C.E got so many negative comments about their debut because of their hot pants, even though to be honest their song is really good. You should hear it! A.C.E’s debut titled is ‘Cactus’. Because their debut didn’t do well, so in the end Chan and Jun (member of A.C.E too) joined The Unit for the second chance. The other members are Wow, Donghun, and Byeongkwan were participated in Mix Nine. Byeongkwan dan Donghun got the debut line up, but because of YG canceled Mix Nine’s debut, so in the end they didn’t do re-debut and just comeback to A.C.E. All of A.C.E’s members got the praise from jury from both of The Unit and Mix Nine. So I can’t understand why A.C.E doesn’t make it in K-POP industry. Chan is in the charge of dancer. But he has a great voice and he can hit high note too. So multi talented. If you watch Cactus MV, you can see their tight choreography and they nailed it. So why should people just focus to their hotpants after all? When Chan was promoting with UNB and Mix Nine’s debut got canceled, in the end A.C.E decided to do comeback without Chan because of the schedule. They did comeback with ‘Take Me Higher’. After their comeback, A.C.E’s condition get better I think, but considering their talent, I want to say that they are still an underrated group. We can see for the Take Me Higher MV’s views on Youtube. It’s been 5 months, but the views just 2,6 million when I write this post. It’s kinda low if you compare to the other groups, right? So yeah, I really hope the best for A.C.E (include Chan of course).

9. Kijoong (member of IM)


Kijoong is the maknae of UNB. So many people said that he looks similar to Jeong Sewoon and he admits it. He has great voice and a great dancer too. In the past, Kijoong got famous because of his high note. But because of puberty, he can’t do the high note anymore and it frustrated him. But in the end, he embraced his flaw and finds his own colour. He is a member of IM too. A group consists of 4 members. They just debut in 2017 and hasn’t been comeback ever since. Actually, so many people considered it was a failed debut because even after a year, they have low views on Youtube. When I write this post, their debut MV titled Sad Story just reach 308K views. So sad, right? A rumour said that they will comeback with 10 members, so maybe it’s still in the preparation for them. Hope they can get the sweet taste in K-POP industry.

So this is the short profile for UNB’s members. All of them are talented. So I don’t quite understand why they become underrated idols, both in their original group and in UNB. Even though UNB’s popularity is slightly better than Uni.T, but I think they are still considered as underrated idol group. Why? Well, let’s see their views on Youtube.


UNB’s debut titled is Feeling and just reach 2,9 millions views on Youtube after 7 months and their latest comeback ‘Black Heart’ just reach 2,4 millions views on Youtube after 4 months. Considered their hard choreography and the great music, that views on Youtube is really low. They didn’t win anything at all during their promotion. So it’s kinda sad to see their hardships, right? Well, at least they won an award from 2018 Soribada Awards, so I really hope they can get a better recognition from people. I really love UNB so much! UNB Hwaiting!!!!




Like I said before, I will explain about Hojung and Timoteo of Hotshot further next. So here it is about HOTSHOT because HOTSHOT is my favorite too! Hotshot is debuted in 2014 under Star Crew Entertainment (before, it was K.O Sound and Ador & Able). Even after they debuted in years, they couldn’t get enough recognition in K-POP Industry. Even though all of the members are talented, they were underrated idol group. I wonder why exactly and I hope their comeback this time will work for them. So, let’s take a quick profile for the members.

1. Junhyuk


Junhyuk is the leader of HOTSHOT and he is the songwriter and composer of HOTSHOT. Seriously, HOTSHOT’s songs are sooo great and it’s his work. So… yeah, you can imagine if he has the great talent! He is a former trainee of SM Entertainment. So can you imagine how great he is? He is a great vocalist, so that’s why he is the main vocalist of HOTSHOT. He can hit high note too. So you really need to pay attention to him! This is his quality, so why can’t everything work for him despite his hard working?

2. Timoteo


Timoteo is a lead dancer of HOTSHOT. He proved his dance in The Unit and you can see his talent there. Timoteo is a former trainee of SM Entertainment. Actually, he almost debuted with EXO. But, because EXO’s debut wasn’t certain, so in the end he left SM Entertainment. I think this is why he get along so well with Hansol, because they have the same fate after all. His friendship with Taemin (Shinee), Kai (EXO), Jimin (BTS), Ravi (VIXX), and Sungwoon (HOTSHOT and Wanna One) become famous and known as Taemin’s Squad. He joined The Unit Survival Show with Hojung and both of them got super bot. That means their skills got approved by audience, so I wonder why HOTSHOT become underrated idol groups. It’s just so sad. Actually, from the first episode, Timoteo was always in the Top 5. But in the final vote, Timoteo got eliminated and can’t be debuted as UNB. At that time, Hojung and Hansol cried for him so hard. So it was kinda sad to watch. After everything he was going through, I really hope he get the best considering his talent.

3. Taehyun / Kid Monster


When the first time Roh Taehyun debuted with HOTSHOT, his stage name was Kid Monster. But in the end, he changes his stage name to his real name, Roh Taehyun. Due to HOTSHOT’s lack of popularity, Taehyun and Sungwoon decided to join Produce 101 Season 2. He got into A class, because of his krumping. Actually, he is one of the best dancer in Produce 101 Season 2. Unfortunately, he was eliminated in ep 10. So many people dissapointed of the result, because they feel that Taehyun is so talented. In the end, fans demanded to create a group that consists Taehyun, Kim Yongguk / Jin Longguo, Takada Kenta (member of JBJ95), Kim Sanggyun (former member of Topp Dogg and member of JBJ95), Kwon Hyunbin, Kim Donghan, and Kim Taedong. After so many discussions, it was decided that Taehyun, Yongguk, Kenta, Sanggyun, Hyunbin, and Donghan will be a temporary group named JBJ (Just to be Joyful). Taedong couldn’t join because of problem with his agency. JBJ became a hit and they got so many recognitions from fans. In this matter, JBJ is not underrated idol group (I still refer it in the present, because people still look up JBJ no matter what). But after their contract met the end, because of one thing and another, they didn’t extend the contract and JBJ is disbanded in April 2018. After that, Taehyun is back with HOTSHOT and is preparing for HOTSHOT’s comeback. Actually, Taehyun is a rapper in HOTSHOT, but he is a vocalist in JBJ. So it proves that Taehyun has so great talents. He can dance, sing, rap, and compose the music too. He was a songwriter in JBJ and he writes Jelly for HOTSHOT. He is a complete package, right? Well, of course! He is a former trainee of YG. So it’s kinda sad to see if he become underrated idol after he is back with HOTSHOT because he deserves much better.

4. Yoonsan


Yoonsan is the main rapper of HOTSHOT. He has a great skill of rapping. He lives in France for 8 years. When he was in Korean and just ate in a cafe, suddenly he got street casting and in the end he debuted with HOTSHOT. He has adorable looks and nowadays, he is active in variety shows. So I really hope he can get more recognation after what he was going through.

5. Hojung


Hojung is a vocalist in HOTSHOT, a maknae and he is a great dancer. Due to HOTSHOT’s lack of popularity, Hojung and Timoteo joined The Unit. Despite his quite and ambitious image of him, he got 3rd place in the final vote and got debuted with UNB. After UNB’s promotion for Black Heart met the end, he decided to do comeback with HOTSHOT and prepared for the comeback soon. Hojung is famous for his body. He is a body builder and he participated in Musclemania competition and won an award too. Feeldog ever said that Hojung has a lot of aegyo, but funnily, he can’t show it when there is a camera. So he always get the quiet vibe. He doesn’t talk much in front of camera, so it’s kind a shame to see the quiet side of him.

6. Sungwoon


The last but not least is Ha Sungwoon. I know that so many people know him. But do you know that originally, he is a member of HOTSHOT? Due to HOTSHOT’s lack of popularity, Sungwoon and Taehyun joined Produce 101 Season 2. Taehyun got eliminated, but in the final vote, Sungwoon got 11th rank. So he can debut with Wanna One for a while and temporarily inactive with HOTSHOT. He is a main vocalist both in Wanna One and HOTSHOT. He is a great dancer too, you can see his dancing in Produce 101 Season 2 and in Wanna One too. He is a former trainee in JYP and the funny things, he made it to JYP because of his dancing even though he has amazing voice. He can hit high note and he has unique voice. He is famous as a member of Taemin’s Squad together with Timoteo too. His fans know that he is sociable and he has so many friends, especially with the idols, even the members of Wanna One got fascinating about his connection. I really hope after Sungwoon be back to HOTSHOT, HOTSHOT won’t be an underrated idol group anymore.

So, as I said before that HOTSHOT didn’t do great when the debut for the first time. After that, Taehyun and Sungwoon joined Produce 101 Season 2. They got so much attention from National Producer. Unfortunately, Taehyun couldn’t make it and he was back to HOTSHOT while Sungwoon became a winner and got debut with Wanna One until now. After that, Taehyun was back to HOTSHOT and they did comeback with Jelly without Sungwoon. It was getting better for HOTSHOT, but it was not as they expected. They never won at music shows and let’s see their Youtube’s views:


It’s been a year and the views just 3,3 millions views. If we compare it to NU’EST, it’s been a year too for ‘Where You At’ but the MV views reach until 10 millions views. So different, right? That was why, Taehyun decided to join JBJ. After Taehyun joined JBJ, Timoteo and Hojung decided to join The Unit, because they couldn’t be back without Taehyun and Sungwoon. In the end, Timoteo got eliminated even if he was always got high ranking and Hojung was in the 3rd place and re-debut with UNB. After JBJ is disbanded, Taehyun is back to HOTSHOT and they are preparing their comeback. Not too long, Hojung has finished his promotion with UNB ‘Black Heart’ and decides to do comeback with HOTSHOT. So in the end, HOTSHOT will be back without Sungwoon again. Their comeback was scheduled on October 2018 at first, but because of they decided to change the title song and the choreography, their comeback is delayed until 15th November 2018. This time, HOTSHOT will be back with Early Flowering album. I heard about their highlight medley for this album and it’s soooo great! I really like this album and I think it will be the best album of HOTSHOT. Have you heard it? You can hear it here. After all of the hardships that they were going through, I really hope they will have a successful comeback and get the recognition as they deserve. Please support HOTSHOT from now on! They got approval from jury and from audience before (both in Produce 101 and The Unit) so I know that they are high quality idol and don’t forget about their good looking face too! HOTSHOT fighting!

Edit: The song is out! You can hear HOTSHOT’s comeback here. All of songs are great and feel different with their song before! You need to listen their comeback! Junhyuk as the composer did a really good job! And don’t forget about his high note! So great!!!!




Actually, the reason I choose this group because I can’t decide between MXM and Jeong Sewoon. Suddenly, I got an idea. They are in the same group, YDPP. So I’ll just mention them in this group. Hahaha. YDPP is an abbrevation for Youth, Dream, Passion, and Purity. Yeah, I know that YDPP is a temporary idol group and a collaboration between Brand New Music, Starship Entertainment, and Pepsi. So I think they just debut with a song, Love It Live It. Even though YDPP consists of MXM, Jeong Sewoon, and Lee Gwanghyun but I think they don’t get what they deserve. They deserve more than that based on their talent. So let’s start with short profile of them!



So, let me explain about MXM first. MXM is actually a sub unit of Brand New Boys and they debuted in 2017. Actually, Brand New Music has plan for them to become idol and the members will be Youngmin, Donghyun, Daehwi (Wanna One), and Woojin (Wanna One). I think, after Wanna One disbands, Daehwi and Woojin will debut with them. Actually, they have confirmed that they will be in the same group with Daehwin and Woojin but they never said when will it be. But let’s save it for another time. MXM actually appeared on Produce 101 Season 2 as contestants along with Daehwi and Woojin too. So actually we can say that they have their own fans and their own market. Well, then they are not underrated idol group then? Well, let’s see!

1. Youngmin

mxm (1)

Youngmin is the oldest member of MXM, Brand New Boys, and YDPP. He is a rapper and he can write his own rap lyrics. So talented, right? He is a former trainee of JYP Entertainment. He joined Produce 101 Season 2 as a contestant and after re-evaluate Nayana’s song, he can be in A class. So, we can say that he got some skills and he showed it! He made it to the final round. But unfortunately, he didn’t make it to debut line up with Wanna One. During his time in Produce 101 Season 2, he got the nickname. His nickname is Alpaca. After he got eliminated in Produce 101 Season 2, he’s back in his agency and debut as MXM.

2. Donghyun

large (1)

Donghyun is a vocalist in MXM and he has skill to compose the songs. So we can say that Youngmin and Donghyun complement each other as a team. Youngmin can do the rap and write the rap lyrics, while Youngmin can sing and compose the songs. Actually, Donghyun is a former trainee of JYP Entertainment. So I think all of Brand New Boys are former trainee of JYP Entertainment. No wonder why they are so close to each other. Donghyun is famous for his selca too. His fans know that he is really good at taking selca. He was a contestant of Produce 101 Season 2 too along with Youngmin, Sewoon, and Gwanghyun (YDPP Members), but in the end he eliminated in ep. 10. So close to final round.

So, if the MXM’s members were in high ranking and got so close to debut line up, doesn’t it mean that they are famous enough? Well, actually I think MXM is popular enough in South Korean and they have their own fanbase. But I don’t think they are popular enough internationally. Let’s see the proof.


Do you see the comparison? They debuted with I’m The One a year ago and the views on Youtube just 3,2 millions views. Then, they did comeback with Diamond Girl in 10 months ago and the views on Youtube dropped dramatically, become 1,6 million views. See what I mean? MXM’s members such a great idol. They can dance, sing, their songs are great, they can compose the songs too. Their dance are always on point. If we see their comeback titled ‘Ya Ya Ya’, we can see that they have such a tight choreography. So why can’t they get what they deserve? MXM has latest comeback titled ‘Knock Knock (TAK Remix)’. It’s been 3 days since I write this post and their views on Youtube just 415K. If you are curious about their latest comeback, you can click it here. In their latest comeback, Youngmin and Donghyun exchange the part. So Youngmin is singing and Donghyun is rapping. Do you know what? They nailed it! So yeah, they have so great talent and skills. Please appreciate them more!

It’s done with MXM. So let’s talk about members of YDPP from Starship Entertainment. Let’s start!

3. Gwanghyun


Gwanghyun is the only one of member YDPP that doesn’t have his own debut. He is in charge of rapping and he likes to write his own rap lyrics. So I don’t quiet understand why he doesn’t get his own debut. He joined Produce 101 Season 2 too, but he got eliminated in ep. 8. But even though he doesn’t have his own debut, but he can adjust himself in YDPP and he can prove to people that he is actually ready to debut. Hope the best for him!

4. Jeong Sewoon


And here he is! My favorite singer, Jeong Sewoon! Jeong Sewoon is a singer and songwriter too. He is debuted as a soloist and I think it’s better for him to debut as a soloist. Actually, he joined Produce 101 Season 2 and he got close with Youngmin and Donghyun during the competition. Unfortunately, he got eliminated in the last episode. In Produce 101 Season 2, debut line up are from rank 1 until 11, but Sewoon just got rank 12. Such a close difference, don’t you think? But it means that people recognize his talent too. Actually, I think Jeong Sewoon’s popularity in South Korean is great. But it’s not the case internationally. If you search about his variety show, just a little of his variety show that got subbed and if you search his fanbase on Instagram, so many of his fanbase become inactive. I don’t know why, but I think he deserves better than that. Before he joined in Produce 101 Season 2, he was a contestant in Kpop Star 3 and he made it to the Top 10 as ‘Something’ group with Kim Ahyeon. They were great with guitar and composed the song. Honestly, in my opinion, his latest single titled ’20 Something’ reminds me of his time in Kpop Star 3. You should watch his competition there. Sewoon writes the lyrics of 20 Something and I think that song is sooo great. Unfortunately, that MV doesn’t have so many views on Youtube.

Capture8Don’t you feel sad when you know that there is someone who is so talented but everything just doesn’t work for him? That’s what I feel. Even though Sewoon is a soloist, but we can see that he can dance well too in YDPP. So yeah, he is a complete package for me. His nickname is Ponyo and all of his fans know that even though he is famous for his calmness and composed characteristic, but he isn’t that calm. Sometimes he is clumsy and I find it as his charms. He has 2 guitars named Pudding and Bread. Cute, right? So, despite his many charms, why does he have so little fans? I’m so sad… Now, he is famous for singing to korean drama’s soundtrack. Please keep supporting him!

So, even though the members of YDPP have their own market, fans, and popularity. But YDPP is still an underrated idol. Why? Let’s see.


It has been 7 months since they released the single, but the views just reach 596K, even though the group consists of MXM, Jeong Sewoon, and Gwanghyun. All of them have their own fans but that didn’t work on them. It proves that they are underrated idol group and I really hope all of them get what they deserve. Really. I hope the best for them.


So, here it is my 5 favorite underrated idols, I really hope you read until the end and please click all of links that I placed in this post, because I hope they have more viewers, at least on Youtube and of course I hope they don’t have to be underrated idols anymore. Thank you for staying with me and Happy Reading!


5 My Favorite Korean Web Drama

Hello, Guys! Welcome back to my blog! ^^ So, for this time I want to share about my favorite Korean Web Drama. Actually, I didn’t really like korean web drama because it’s too exaggerate and sometimes it didn’t make any sense. But nowadays, I’m starting to like Korean Web Drama because it become better and relate to daily life. So that’s why I like some of them, but I think I will be picky person to choose Korean Web Drama. So, let’s start from number 5!

5. To Be Continued


This Korean Web Drama is created by Fantagio and released in 2015. Yeah, I know it was so long time ago and one of the main character is no longer with Fantagio. But I still like that. The main character on this web drama is the member of Astro. So we can say that this drama is to introduce Astro before their debut. You can see some of the trainees of Fantagio that appeared on Produce 101 Season 1 too.

This drama is a teen fantasy romance that tells the story of a male idol group that suddenly slips back in time just one day ahead of their debut stage. But not all of them slips back in time. It was just MJ and Jung Ah Rin as their friend in High School. For Cha Eun Woo and Jin Jin slips back in time too but suddenly they were back to their real time. So it left MJ and Jung Ah Rin for the last and how their change the past to keep debut as a boy group despite so many issues and struggles in the past.


4. First Kiss


This Web Drama is by JTBC, to be exact created by Studio Lululala. This story begins by a sudden kiss that is to show what four men and women want when they want to say goodbye to each other! This is a complicated, bitter-sweet fantasy love story of four people who come together to experience real love.

The emotions men and women often feel when they’re on a date will be described in an advanced format with refreshing characters. There is a couple who have gotten bored with each other. And there is another couple who broke up after hurting each other. Four different young men and women come together to resolve the complicated problems of their love affairs. A couple who dream of starting a new love and another couple who dream of having a perfect farewell ceremony.

Actually, I don’t really like the format of this web drama. Honestly. Sometimes, it’s confusing. But when I watch it more, I become fond of the characters. Because it doesn’t tell the story from one side, but from all of them and I like that. So many reasons for their action and I feel their hardships of love. Not just one, but four of them. That’s why I like it so much. The reason why I choose this web drama in 4th, because I don’t really like the format, but I really like the story. And a little bit spoiler, I don’t like the ending. It’s really heart breaking for me to see that there were parties who hurt because of love. But the story is really good, so I really recommend you to watch this.


3. A-Teen


This web drama is about the teenager love story and friendship. The main characters are six of them that close to each other. But there was not just friendship, but love in them. If you are April shipper, you can watch this web drama, because Lee Na Eun becomes the main character. And if you are shipper of Produce 101 Season 1, Kim Soo Hyun becomes the main character too. So you can see them in this web drama.

Because this is about teenager, so the story is cute and funny. You don’t need to think at all, because this has light story for their love and friendship. This web drama has met the end, so if you are interested to watch, you can watch this web drama continously.


2. Just One Bite


Just One Bite is a Korean Web Drama that tell us the story about the friendship of woman in mid 20s and their love stories. Each of them has a problem about their love story, from a woman who is always single, a woman who has an annoying ex and she has moved on, and a woman who has a low self esteem when it comes to her weight even though she has a boyfriend who loves her so much.

This story is cute and funny. This story is about our daily life, daily love story and etc, so we can relate to this drama easily. The three of them have their own love story and their problem of that. But they still support to each other despite of their problem. This web drama has 2 pilot episodes and 8 episodes. I like the concept and their cute love story too. I really recommend you to watch this web drama.


1. Flower Ever After


It is a web drama about the frank and realistic troubles such as the love and marriage of a couple in their mid-twenties who are living together for 7 years, and a marriageable couple in their early 30s. They have their own problems to handle with and they need the solution to make the relationship work. Plus, the couple in their 30s has a third person who loves the man.

Why is this web drama become my favorite? It’s because this web drama is the only one that made me cry for the first time when I watched the last episode. I cried because I can relate to their stories so much. So it shows the realistic problem for their relationship. They have their own troubles and they have their own way to face the problems. That’s why I really recommend this web drama to watch, because you will laugh and cry together with them.


All of web dramas that I mentioned can be watched in Youtube because all of them have the english sub for you to watch. But, just in case you feel hard enough to search them, I will give the link here. You can just click on the title below.

To Be Continued

First Kiss


Just One Bite

Flower Ever After


So, have you watched this web drama? And how about your opinion? Or maybe you have another korean web drama recommendation? Please comment below! ^^ Hope you like my recommendation! ^^ Happy reading and happy watching!

HyunA’s Decision (Update)

Hi, Guys! Welcome back to my post! ^^ So sorry I didn’t update for a while, because honestly I don’t find any news that taking my interest to post it. I follow about Hara’s news but I don’t think I want to bring that topic here because it’s soooo complicated.

So, yeah. Finally I update because Hyuna has the decision about her career. So, here we go! ^^


As we know that Hyuna and E’Dawn confirmed to be dating and because of that, there was some issues between Cube Entertainment and Hyuna-E’Dawn. If you don’t know about Hyuna and E’Dawn’s news, you can read about that on my post here.

So, after Cube Entertainment retracted their statement about Hyuna and E’Dawn expelled, there was a news about Hyuna signed to AOMG because of her stylist’s Instagram Story. Honestly, it was a makes sense theory because Hyuna and Jay Park are friends because they were in the same agency before, JYP Entertainment.

After that, it was revealed that the one who get the job in AOMG is HyunA’s stylist as individual, not HyunA. So, it was not clear about HyunA and E’Dawn decision if they want to stay in Cube Entertainment or not.

The news got calm for a while until suddenly, HyunA posted the picture of her and E’Dawn as a couple. So many people suspected that it was their date nowadays and many more suspected that it was their old photo. I don’t know the truth of course, but yeah it made harsher comment from netizen, espescially from K-Netizen.

On 15th October 2018, finally Cube Entertainment release the announcement that HyunA has officially left Cube Entertainment. They agree to terminate the contract. But the one that makes me dissapointed is there was no mention about E’Dawn anywhere. So how about E’Dawn? What will he do then? We don’t even know that. And even though Cube announce that statement, they didn’t mention where will HyunA be. Will she make her own agency? Or join another agency? No one knows. If you want to know the article, you can see it here.

Following the news about HyunA’s freedom from Cube Entertainment, it was revealed that on 4th October 2018, HyunA wrote the letter for Cube Entertainment’s CEO. This is the letter that Hyuna wrote:


(Credit: @hyunapics__)


So, finally Hyuna’s decision become clear and her dissapointment is understandable. But how about E’Dawn? It’s still not clear yet. But the great news is E’Dawn has personal Instagram now. What sign is this? Nobody knows…

Well, I just hope the best for them. I really hope that K-Netizen won’t make their love life harder. As we know that both HyunA and E’Dawn are talented enough. It’s funny to see their despair just because of their relationship. But how about you? Please comment below! ^^ And of course don’t forget to like and share too! Happy reading!